Are you concerned about the state of Winnipeg’s tree canopy?

Worried about the loss of your boulevard or park trees over the past few years?

As you probably know, Winnipeg’s trees are dying at an alarming rate from pests, disease, development, climate change and low maintenance budgets. If we continue at current levels of investment in trees, half of Winnipeg’s public trees may be gone by year 2040.

Do you want to make a difference?

You can. Be a part of the Trees Please Winnipeg Coalition.

What’s new:

Trees Please Winnipeg to Governments: Purchase and Protect the Lemay Forest!

The following is a letter sent by Trees Please Winnipeg on October 31, 2023 in support of the Coalition to Save the Lemay Forest. PDF version here. To: His Honour the Mayor, Scott Gillingham; City Councillors Markus Chambers, Brian Mayes, Janice Lukes, Sherri Rollins, John…

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