Trees Please Winnipeg Coalition Launches Website & Social Media Presence

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our coalition website at and our accompanying Facebook and Twitter accounts. We invite you to discover all the wonderful content on the website, including:

  • our “Trees as Infrastructure” campaign to have governments designate urban forests as natural assets worthy of protection and investment. We encourage you to read our federal budget submission to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland–there is still time to send in an email or letter of support.
  • inspiring and informative local tree stories featuring citizen-led tree projects happening in Winnipeg in the absence of adequate and ongoing urban forestry budgets. Many more stories will be shared in the coming weeks!
  • research on the myriad benefits of urban trees arranged by topic from climate mitigation, economic, safety, health and more.

You can also learn about why we created this coalition and who’s involved, as well as sign up for coalition updates. Hope to connect with you soon!

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