Volunteers Plant 1000+ Trees on Churchill Parkway

In mid-May, over four different days, about 80 community members with huge assistance from City staff planted over a thousand bare-root stock specimens on the Churchill Parkway, with the intent of replicating the river-bottom habitat, with understory, middle-story, small trees and big trees.

It was wet, but that was good for the plants, though muddy for the volunteers.

Manitoba maple175
Saskatoon 150
Delta hackberry 175
Red-osier dogwood 275
Bur oak 50
Silver buffaloberry 25
American linden 225
Nannyberry 65
Peachleaf willow 25

Most of the participants were from the South Osborne area, with some great folks from the Kingston Row/Crescent neighbourhood. Special thanks to the students and staff from College Churchill High School for their hard morning’s work.

The plants and supplies all were provided by the City, with some additional funding from CN.

The rooted trees and shrubs are kept frozen until 24-48 hrs. prior to planting. As they thaw, they are kept in water until each one is put into its spot. Biodegradable mats (about 14×14”) are placed around the sticks (weed suppression and water absorption), large “staple-like” prongs hold the mat in place (as the iron dissolves, it will provide additional nutrients), and biodegradable (we think) mesh sleeves help protect from deer/rabbits. No new soil was brought in – what came out of each hole, went back in. Upturned sod then helped anchor the mats and provide a bit of a berm for water retention.

Last-minute adjustments were made to ensure the new swaths of plants did not interfere (too much) with the cross-country skiers.

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