“A Race Against Time”: Trees Please in the Free Press

What exactly is happening in Winnipeg’s beloved urban forest? This masterful piece by Julia-Simone Rutgers in the Free Press (September 29, 2022)  is the most thorough examination in recent memory, and our coalition was happy to contribute comments and data to the piece.

On leaf support: It’s a race against time to keep Winnipeg’s older tree canopies alive

“The sentiment was right, the desire was right, but the execution was way off,” Trees Please president Erna Buffie says, when asked about Bowman’s challenge. “If the city is going to do something like that, it has to put its money where its mouth is, and historically, this city has not invested in green space.” Buffie believes the city’s best plan of action would be to view the urban forest as critical natural infrastructure and treat the trees like assets.

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