Which #wpg22 Candidates Will Fight for Trees? Find Out Here!

Find out which mayoral & council candidates have taken the Trees Please Pledge!

Over the past several months, volunteers have been meeting with dozens of candidates in the upcoming election to ask them to sign our Trees Please Pledge – a commitment to care for Winnipeg’s urban canopy through higher re-planting, more frequent maintenance, and strong construction protections. Today we are absolutely delighted to share the results of this hard work:

All 11 mayoral candidates, and 29 out of 44 council candidates, have taken the Trees Please Pledge!

Here is a list of all the candidates who have taken the pledge.  Check out the candidates’ social media and websites to see if they’ve incorporated the pledge into their platforms. If they haven’t, ask them why. If they have, let them know you expect them to deliver on their pledge as soon as they take office.

Mayoral candidates who have taken the Trees Please Pledge:

  • Shaun Loney
  • Christopher Clacio
  • Glen Murray
  • Rick Shone
  • Kevin Klein
  • Scott Gillingham
  • Rana Bokhari
  • Jenny Motkaluk
  • Idris Ademuyiwa Adelakun
  • Don Woodstock
  • Robert Falcon-Ouelette

Council candidates who have taken the Trees Please Pledge (as of October 13, 2022):Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood

  • Evan Duncan
  • Hal Anderson

Daniel McIntyre

  • Cindy Gilroy
  • Omar Kinnarath
  • Sal Infantino

Elmwood-East Kildonan

  • Ryan Kochie
  • Jason Schreyer

Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry

  • Sherri Rollins


  • Ross Eadie
  • Aaron McDowell
  • Steve Snyder
  • Natalie Smith
  • Ed Radchenka

Point Douglas

  • Moe El Tassi
  • Vivian Santos
  • Joe Pereira

River Heights-Fort Garry

  • John Orlikow
  • Brant Field

St. Boniface

  • Matt Allard
  • Nicholas Douklias

St. James

  • Daevid Ramey
  • Kelly Ryback
  • Eddie Ayoub

St. Norbert-Seine River

  • Markus Chambers

St. Vital

  • Brian Mayes
  • Derrick Dujlovic


  • Steve Lipischak

Waverley West

  • Janice Lukes
  • Pascal Scott

Don’t see your ward or your favourite candidate here? That means the candidate did not commit to take the pledge or respond to our invitation to learn more. It’s not too late for them to sign on — please encourage them to make this commitment!  Candidates who sign onto the pledge will be added to the website and shared via our social media.

What is The Trees Please Pledge?

Candidates are being urged to commit to the following actions that are urgently needed to protect and grow the urban canopy:1. Plant: For every 1 public tree lost, the city should be replanting at least 2 new trees, and watering those trees adequately so they survive & thrive
2. Maintain: Fund a 7-year pruning cycle (the industry standard)
3. Protect: Require that tree protection best practices be incorporated into all construction projects to prevent damage and loss of trees
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