Call to Action! Support Tree Investment in the Strategic Priorities Action Plan

Next Tuesday, city council’s Executive Policy Committee will discuss and vote on the Strategic Priorities Action Plan (SPAP). Simply put, the SPAP sets out a roadmap of spending priorities for the 4-year council term. On page 16, you’ll find two HUGE wins for the urban forest.

Priority Action 25: Plant new and replacement trees in streets and parks using a 2:1 ratio

Priority Action 26: Prune street and park trees on a 7-year cycle

You may recall that these two actions were part of our Trees Please candidate pledge during the last civic election, and we are thrilled to see them appear in the SPAP. Here’s where you come in.

Please take a moment to email Executive Policy Committee (emails below) + your own city councillor and ask them to support these actions in the SPAP.

Who’s my city councillor? lookup

You could also make a written submission in support of these items, or even register to speak in person! If submitting or registering to speak at the meeting, here are the details needed: May 16th meeting of the Executive Policy Committee, Item 19: Strategic Priorities Action Plan. Deadline to register to speak or submit written comments: Noon on Monday, May 15th, 2023

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