It’s Dutch Elm Disease Season in Winnipeg. How can YOU help?

An elm tree with Dutch Elm Disease, marked with an orange dot for removal. Below the orange dot is a sad face crafted from twigs and other wooden materials. Artwork by John Bodi.

Winnipeg’s urban forestry department has begun its annual Dutch Elm Disease assessment. The “orange dots of death” are cropping up on American elms across the city. This is always such a sad time. Did you know that there are things YOU can do to prevent the loss of elms to DED?

  1. Ask an arborist to assess your private or boulevard elm for suitability for Arbotect, a fungicide that has a very high rate of success in protecting against DED. Now (June/July) is the ideal time to do this assessment. Arbotect injections are pricey & must be re-injected every three years — but it’s worth it, if you can swing the expense.
  2. Respect the elm pruning ban, which is in place from April 1 to July 31.
  3. Never transport firewood! Burn it where you buy it.
  4. Report concerns about DED, pruning ban and firewood violations to 311.
  5. Share this information with other Winnipeggers!

Get more info about Dutch Elm Disease from our friends at Trees Winnipeg here:

Image information: A sick, sad Winnipeg elm, marked for removal. Artwork by John Bodi; photo by Lynn Trono.

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